TEL Tiger 800 Grease

TEL Tiger 800 Grease is a superior lithium complex grease to provide excellent lubricating qualities over a wide range of temperatures. Designed for work under the toughest conditions in wide operating temperatures, with excellent mechanical and chemical stability. TEL Tiger 800 is the grease designed to always 'stay in place' under the worst operating conditions of water, dirt and mud, providing you with maximum protection and peace of mind.

Key Features

Oustanding wide temperature range grease. Unequalled water washout resistance. Excellent shock load-carrying ability. Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surfaces. Adhesive-tacky grease that stays in place. Extreme pressure protection -75 lb. Timken OK Load Test. Dyed fire orange to better detect defective bearing seals. Grease stays in place less frequent regreasing required. Oxidation inhibitors permit high temperature operations. Less down time on your equipment. Melting point well above 260oC. Excellent grease for most sealed-for-life bearings. NLGI Certified GC-LB in wheel bearing and chassis applications.


Recommended for wheel bearing, fifth wheels, u-joints, steering linkage, and chassis lubricant. The adhesive and water resistance qualities of this grease make it an ideal chassis lubricant for off road trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, logging equipment and mining equipment. Also recommended for rock crushers, oil field equipment, off shore drilling equipment and marine deck equipment. Recommended for all types of bearings including plain bearings, heavily loaded journal bearings, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings and couplings.


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