TEL Ranger 400 Grease

TEL Ranger 400 Grease is a premium, heavy duty, EP Multi-Purpose Lithium Complex grease fortified with polymers, anti-wear agents, tackiness additives, high viscosity base oils plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. This grease is designed to stay in place under the most severe operating conditions found in industrial and automotive service. It is unsurpassed in resisting water wash out and protecting against wear in shock loading applications. TEL Ranger 400 Grease is the grease designed to stay there and lubricate under the worst conditions of water-dirt-mud.

Key Features

Adhesive-tacky grease that stays in place. Unexcelled water washout resistance due to high viscosity base oils fortified with polymers. Excellent protection against failures caused by shock loading. Extreme pressure protection  Exceeds 70 pounds OK Load in the ASTM D-2509 Timken Test. Critical metal surfaces of moving parts are protected from rust and corrosion. Distinctive red color quickly identifies the grease and helps detect defective bearing seals. Reduced maintenance expense because stay in place attribute means less frequent greasing intervals and extended equipment life. Oxidation inhibitors permit operations up to 150° C (302°F) for extended periods. NLGI Certified GC-LB in wheel bearing and chassis applications.


Recommended for wheel bearings, including disc brake applications, fifth wheels, u-joints, steering linkage, and chassis lubrication. An ideal chassis lubricant for off road equipment in agriculture, construction, logging, trucking and mining service where severe water washing or shock loading protection is needed. Also recommended for rock crushers, sand and gravel screens, oil field equipment, off shore drilling equipment and marine deck equipment. Recommended for industrial plain bearings and anti-friction bearings operating under shock-loads or wet and dirty conditions. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMALL ANTI-FRICTION BEARINGS OPERATING OVER 5000 RPM. NOTE: Tackiness additives used to make this grease stay in place make this grease harder to pump and may require the use of a heavy follower plate and/or more powerful pump in air operated grease pumping systems. Not recommended for centralized dispensing systems commonly found in industrial plants unless they are capable of pumping a grease of this type.


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